"...High energy dancing.." Beverly Hills Outlook

"...combines the energy of jazz dance with the emotional complexity of modern dance..." Orange County Register

"..upbeat.. a suite of well crafted jazz-based pieces..." Los Angeles Times

BrockusRED is the newly named version of BrockusProject Dance Company that was created in 1994 to bring  a fresh prospective on the intersection of Concert and Commercial dance.

RED is driven by the singular talent and vision of Deborah Brockus who serves as the primary choreographer and leader on both projects and performances. 

Unifying all of the pieces in the company rep is an unquenchable energy and joy 

This is an LA company, born in the American west, In California, the land of open spaces and dreams. 

As a choreographer, Ms Brockus creates about the human experience. Relishing life like a great piece of dark chocolate. Audiences are never left to despair even if the subject of a piece is dark the choreography leads to a positive conclusion. Humor is an important way to deal with what life throws at the world.

Visual effect is a very important part of the vision of RED, from the lighting design to the costumes to the specific dancers chosen for a roll. We take audiences on a journey.